Eggs n’ Things

August 30, 2021

Chef Edwin Ohta from Eggs n’ Things appeared on Hawaii’s Kitchen, a segment of Living808 on KHON2. The chef prepared two dishes bringing big local flavor. First is their panasadas- a pancake malasada, topped with whipped cream, coconut syrup, fruity pebbles, or chocolate. Then Chef Ohta shows us how to cook up their Ribeye Steak featuring locally raised beef.

“We offer a NY Strip cut, and the Ribeye cut, and for over 5 years now, we’ve been using only 100% local beef. The local beef we use is pasture-raised and raised right here in our state. We get it extra fresh, probably at least a week fresher than you get the mainland beef,” says Ohta.

Mahalo to our partner KHON2 for showcasing Eggs n’ Things, a Y. Hata customer partner! Hawaii’s Kitchen is filmed in the ChefZone’s Community Kitchen.