Y. Hata Donates to Our Kupuna

July 15, 2021
Hawaii Meals On Wheels

Y. Hata was honored to assist First Insurance Company of Hawaii (FICOH) in their hurricane care package distribution.

In early July 2021, they assembled and distributed 1,000 hurricane care packages containing nearly two tons of food to local kupuna in partnership with Hawaii Meals on Wheels (HMOW). FICOH employees donated food items and assembled the care packages during their lunch breaks over course of a few weeks.

“We decided to create care packages for kupuna this hurricane season as a way to help a vulnerable segment of our population weather out a major storm,” said Kaela Wasnich, senior communications specialist for FICOH. “When we reached out to our longtime partners at Hawaii Meals on Wheels, they were excited to take part and assist with the distribution.”

Each kit includes supplies such as emergency water storage bags, a hurricane safety kit, and a variety of non-perishable food items. FICOH partnered with various organizations to secure items for the care packages, including Y. Hata & Co., Ltd., Hawaii’s largest locally owned and operated foodservice distributor, which donated 1,000 cans of Spam.

“Y. Hata was proud to donate Spam for the hurricane care packages. Like FICOH, we are committed to our island community that has served us well for more than 108 years,” said Unyong Nakata, senior director of sales and merchandising for Y. Hata & Co., Ltd. “We believe nobody should be without food and aloha especially during times like now when recovery is gaining traction.”