Specialty Italian Cheeses

October 19, 2022
Italian Cheese Dishes
Villa Frizzoni Cobblestreet MKT

Y. HataExclusive Brands

Specialty Italian Cheeses

Pack/Size | Item #

Fontina Wheel – 10 lbs. Ave | #42995

Parmesan Shaved – 2×5 lbs. Bags | #42996

Parmesan Wheel – 18-24 lbs. | #42997

Parmesan Grated – 4×5 lbs. Bags | #42998

Parmesan Fancy Shredded – 4×5 lbs. Bags | #42999

Specialty cheeses for every dish.

Y. Hata exclusive brands Villa Frizzoni & Cobblestreet MKT. offer the best specialty Italian cheeses focused on quality, selection, ingredients, and versatility. Our diverse portfolio contains premium and authentic options for every occasion. Easy to use with minimal labor, our cheese come in wheels, shaved, shredded, or dry grated. Our cheeses are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities that adhere to the highest industry standards and best practices allowing us to provide you with a consistent product in taste, size, and style.

38 lbs. of cheese is consumed per person each year in the U.S. 60% of operators say adding cheese helps an item sell.


  • Labor Saving – Available in the exact packaging you need; wheel, shredded, shaved, or grated.
  • Versatility – Italian cheese is used for a wide range of menu applications, such as a salad, pizza & pasta topper, and as a key ingredient in many sauces and soups.
  • Truth in Labeling – Guarantees the end user that what is on the label is in the package.
  • Consistent Sourcing – Our Imported Parmesan is sourced from South America (Argentina and Uruguay)


With a sweet and nutty flavor profile, our parmesan cheese is aged for a minimum of 12 months and made with animal-free microbial enzymes. Great for vegetarians!


An Italian cheese with an earthy, woody taste. Fontina melts well and can be used in any recipe where you want a smooth, melty cheese, like fondue, cheese dip, or cheese sauces.

Fontina Wheel

Fontina Wheel

Parmesan Dry Grated

Parmesan Grated

Parmesan Shaved

Parmesan Shaved

Parmesan Shredded

Parmesan Fancy Shredded

Parmesan Wheel

Parmesan Wheel

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