Seven Tips For Smarter Hiring

June 23, 2022

Restaurants continue to tell us that labor shortages are one of their biggest challenges.

The competition for labor continues to be stiff, so here are some tips to help your food service operation stand out in the competitive labor market.

Improve Your Message

Strengthen Your Message

In your job posts, try to make your company stand out from the crowd. Millennials and Gen-Zers are looking for work that gives them purpose. Does your restaurant focus on sustainable practices? Are you committed to using local products? Do you offer free meals, flexible hours, training, and tuition reimbursement?

Use Your Website

Use Your Website

You already have a website displaying your menu. Why not add a jobs page featuring your available positions? This is also a fantastic opportunity to feature your company’s culture. Is your company a fun place to work? What are the benefits of working for you compared to the competition?

Encourage Staff Referrals

Use Your Current Staff

Over half of all new hires come from referrals from existing employees or from your company website, not from job boards. Encourage your staff to share their work experiences with their friends and former colleagues. Offer incentives for referrals that lead to new hires.

Be Creative On Social

Be Creative On Social Media

Anyone can post a “We’re Hiring” graphic. Getting creative with your Facebook and Instagram posts will help you stand out. Posting photos of the type of food you serve will help. Share a video of your staff having fun while they work. Show your employees using teamwork to accomplish a goal.

Get Your Message Everywhere

Leverage Every Opportunity

Every guest contact could lead to potential hires. Add we’re hiring messages to your receipts and take out bags. Include them in your customer emails, text messages, and other promotional materials.

Appeal To An Older Demographic

Expand Your Search

Consider marketing to an older demographic. Many retirees still want to work part time, but the jobs available to them are usually seasonal. Restaurant work can offer them a more stable year-round income while giving them flexible work hours and shorter shifts.

More Posts

Post Jobs At More Sites

Posting your positions on smaller niche sites may not bring in as many applicants, but they may give you an opportunity to stand out from other companies. Sites like iHireHospitality, iHireChefs, Snagajob, The Restaurant Zone, and Snap Chef specialize in recruiting for the food service industry.