Riverhill Value Chicken

November 16, 2023
Chicken Wings
Riverhill Poultry Chicken Breast

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Uncooked Chicken Tenderloins

Homestyle & Traditional Savory

Fully Cooked Wings

Traditional & Hot & Spicy

Fully Cooked Diced

Choose Riverhill Poultry® to ensure you get the most popular chicken dishes right with every order.

Choose from our succulent, sharable, and ready to share wings, delicious and convenient tenderloins, or labor saving pre-cooked diced white and dark meat chicken. Riverhill Poultry® gives you the confidence to add America’s favorite protein to your menu without all the extra labor and preparation work. Our consistent quality, flavor, and performance ensures your staff will be successful and your guests satisfied.

Chicken is on 95% of all menus. Wings are the #1 restaurant appetizer appearing on 45% of all menus.

Consistent Performance

Juicy and flavorful chicken with consistent breading, even fry times, and superior results.

Saves On Labor

Faster cook times, less mess, and greater yields enhance your profitability.

Lower Risk

Pre-cooked options eliminate the risks associated with raw or undercooked poultry.

Riverhill Diced Chicken
Riverhill Chicken

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