Prairie Creek Pre-Cooked Meats

January 22, 2024
Prairie Creek Pre-Cooked Beef Patties
Prairie Creek

A Y. HataExclusive Brand

Pre-Cooked Meats

Country Steak Beef Fritter

Charbroiled Beef Patty

Taste tempting flavor with every meal.

Prairie Creek pre-cooked meats bring you the perfect balance of quality, labor savings, and versatility. Crafted with passion and precision, these premium cuts make cooking a breeze while delivering exceptional flavor. Elevate your meals and impress your guests with the delicious beef on your plate!

Our versatile protein-packed charbroiled beef patties are the closest match to just off-the-grill taste with our seasoning blend that adds exceptional flavor! Our country fried steak fritters are made with premium beef and offer a juicy, tender, and flavorful experience like no other. Taste the difference that quality makes!

The average American eats three hamburgers per week, adding up to over 50 billion hamburgers every year.

Reduce Labor Costs

Ready to cook from frozen, perfect for applications where in-house skilled labor is not available. Simply heat with a flat top or fryer.


Uniform portion control with 100% product yield. Made from high-quality beef offering exceptional juiciness and flavor.


Perfect for a wide array of applications. The speed of preparation allows you more time to add your personal touch to create a great signature dish.

Long Shelf Life

Frozen products save on storage space and extend shelf-life compared to raw meats.


Pre-cooking helps eliminate harmful bacteria, making them safer for your staff and customers, especially for applications where there may be uncertainty about cooking raw meat to the correct temperature.

Prairie Creek Pre-Cooked Country Fried Steak

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