Pierport Scallops

April 5, 2024
Pierport Scallops
Pierport Hidden Bay


All Natural Domestic

Water Added Hokkaido

Scallops are known for their sweet, delicate flavor and firm, slightly chewy texture.

Bringing versatility to your kitchen, they can be pan-seared and served with your favorite sauce, grilled on skewers, or baked in a creamy sauce with cheese, among many other applications. Scallops are generally low in fat and high in protein and represent a good source of vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids.

25% of consumers say ingredient transparency is important when considering which restaurant to visit in 2024.

Premium Perception

Adding scallops to your menu can help attract diners who are looking for a gourmet or luxury experience.

Culinary Versatility

The sweet and delicate flavor of scallops pair well with a large variety of on-trend ingredients and cooking methods.

Manage Costs

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) reduces food waste and helps manage food costs while increasing shelf life.

Pierport Scallops
Scallops on ice.

North Atlantic Sea Scallops

North Atlantic Sea Scallops are prized for their sweet flavor and firm texture and are the most valuable wild scallop fishery in the world.

Hokkaido Sea Scallops

Hokkaido Sea Scallops are wild caught in the Pacific Ocean and are the closest in taste, texture and size to North Atlantic scallops.

Scallop Size Comparison
U/10 “All Natural” Domestic Scallops


U/10 “All Natural” Domestic Scallops

#455216 | 2 x 5 lbs.

U/10 “Water Added” Hokkaido Scallops

Hidden Bay

U/10 “Water Added” Hokkaido Scallops

#455219 | 2 x 5 lbs.

10/20 “All Natural” Domestic Scallops

Hidden Bay

10/20 “All Natural” Domestic Scallops*

#455220 | 2 x 5 lbs.

*ChefZone Only

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