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April 10, 2024
Garlic Lobster on Asparagas
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Warm Water Lobster Tails

Norwegian Atlantic Salmon

Diners are looking for new, exciting, and healthy, protein options.

Meet the demand for luxury and uniqueness with our Bahamian warm water lobster tails, or Norwegian farm raised salmon. Our Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) portions are designed to save your staff time in the kitchen, while delivering a product that will impress your guests with the highest quality.

Salmon is on 84% of fine dining menus, and is often cured in Nordic cuisine and consumed raw in sushi and poke bowls.

Lobster Tails


5 oz. Warm Water Lobster Tail

#194632 | 10 lbs.

Bahamian warm water lobsters are sourced from the pristine waters of the Bahamas, the perfect natural environment for cultivating amazing seafood. They feature a firm texture and a mild, sweet flavor, known for being more flavorful than their cold-water counterparts.

Pierport® warm water lobster tails contain a high white meat fill featuring up to 5% more meat to shell yield compared to cold-water tails. Our tails are always flawless – with no cracks, holes, or missing fins.

High Quality

Premium product with all white meat, no cracks, no blemishes, or holes.


100% net weight guaranteed with consistent tail sizes that deliver an appealing plate presentation.

Salmon Fillet


6 oz. Norwegian Salmon Portions

#455201 | 10 lbs.

Farm-raised in the strong current and cold waters of the Norwegian Sea, our farm-raised salmon contains high oil content with a dark, vibrant orange color. It is firm and tender in texture with a rich flavor.  It can be baked, broiled, pan-seared, grilled, poached or smoked, and it has multiple applications as an appetizer or entrée.

Salmon is versatile and works well with a wide variety of flavor profiles including both bold and subtle flavors from miso and maple syrup, to capers and crème fraîche!


Suits any menu need with preparation versatility – grill, sear, bake, poach, or broil.


Hand trimmed portions are both pleasing to the eye and reduce back of the house waste.

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