Pierport Calamari

April 18, 2024
Pierport Calamari
Pierport Seafood

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Loligo Squid Rings & Tentacles

Jumbo Squid Steaks

Pierport® sustainably sourced calamari is specially selected for superior color, freshness, flavor, and tender texture.

As consumers embrace sustainable protein alternatives to beef, calamari is making serious waves on menus nationwide. Traditionally served as an appetizing starter, this tender seafood sensation is increasingly taking center stage as a craveable entrée. Calamari’s delicate flavor beautifully complements classic Italian pairings like garlic and marinara. Yet its versatility also shines when combined with bold Asian spices and aromatics, adding an exciting global twist to any dining experience. Give your patrons an irresistible new option they’ll adore by showcasing calamari’s incredible culinary range.

Calamari is a main ingredient in dishes such as paella, risotto, seafood soups and pastas.

Exceptional Quality

Our industry-leading specifications ensure first-quality raw materials, proper cleaning and grading, and rigorous inspections to provide for delicious flavor and consistent plating.


Calamari spans restaurant types from casual to fine dining and are trending high in menu applications ranging from appetizers to main dishes; pasta to pizza and more.

High Yield

Pierport® calamari are packaged at 100% net weight and 100% usable yield, no wasted product and no added water weight.

Calamari Ceviche
Pierport Calamari Rings & Tentacles


5/8” Loligo Squid Rings & Tentacles

#455221 | 4 x 2.5 lbs.

The Loligo squid species, sourced from the Atlantic coast, India, and China, is known for its white color, mild flavor and tender texture. It is the most common squid species used in restaurants for calamari dishes and is preferred for its versatility. The product contains minimal additives to maintain the natural sweet flavor and tender texture of the squid.

Pierport Calamari Steaks


4-6 oz. Calamari Steaks

#195563 | 6 x 5 lbs.

The Jumbo squid species, sourced from Central and South America, is known for its white color, tender texture, and mild flavor – most used in calamari steaks and strips. Jumbo squid are hook & line and trawl caught. The high quality raw material eliminates off flavor and odor inherent to the species, reducing the level of tenderization and treatment needed.

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