Pierport Breaded and Battered Fish

April 2, 2024
Pierport Battered Fish
Pierport Seafood

A Y. HataExclusive Brand

Breaded & Battered Fish

Panko Breaded Pollock • Beer Battered Cod • Pub Style Battered Cod

High quality, convenience, versatility, and sustainability.

Pierport® breaded and battered fish starts with wild-caught, Alaska cod and pollock, both known for their superior flavor and texture. Our breaded and battered options save your staff time and labor in the kitchen while maintaining consistency and high quality to keep your guests coming back.

Our cod and pollock are caught in Alaska from sustainable sources on U.S. flagged vessels. Wild Alaska Pollock and Cod are among the largest sustainable fisheries in the world, independently certified by Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

59% of consumers prefer wild caught seafood as it is perceived to be superior in taste and more natural. Adding “Wild Caught in Alaska” adds to menu appeal.

Alaskan Cod


Lean whitefish with large flakes, melt-in-mouth texture, and a sweet, yet mild flavor. Versatile enough to use in diverse dishes, from casual fish and chips with tartar sauce, to high-end entrées. Cod is known for its rich white meat and for being one of the most fully utilized species with a huge variety of applications.

Alaskan Pollock


Tender, lean, snow-white meat, delicate flaky texture, and mild flavor. Pollock is the most abundant and sustainable fish species on the planet, making it an environmentally responsible choice. Pollock’s versatility makes it a great healthy choice for most fried seafood, including fish and chips.


Cook from frozen makes prep easy with 100% yield. Pre-breaded or battered for no mess, no waste, and less labor.

High Quality

Naturally moist and flavorful. Our breading cooks light, golden, and extra crispy, perfect for an array of applications.

Labor Savings

Consistent portion sizes with no waste saves your staff time in the kitchen and long shelf life.

Fish Tacos

Batters and Breading

Beer Batter

Using real Boston-style lager to deliver authentic flavor and a crisp bite, our beer battered white fish has a handmade appearance, light crunch, hoppy lager flavor, and is perfect served with French fries, in a fish taco, or on a bun with your signature sauce.

Pub-Style Batter

Portions are dipped in our English-style beer flavored batter. With zero prep time, you can quickly deep fry delicious fillets to add to fried fish platters, fish tacos, or delicious surf and turf meals. Consider featuring it in wraps, sandwiches, or as an appetizer.


Japanese-style flaky panko provides a crispy and highly textured coating. The key to this crunchy breading is in the unique texture of the breadcrumbs which are broken from fresh loaves and cooked crisp, golden, and spiky with crunchy crevices that hold up firm to the sauce of your choice.
Alaskan Wild Caught Pollock


Alaskan Wild Caught Pollock
2.5-3.5 oz. Panko Breaded

#455191 | 2 x 5 lbs.

Alaskan Wild Caught Cod


Alaskan Wild Caught Cod
1-2 oz. Beer Battered

#455193 | 2 x 5 lbs.

Alaskan Wild Caught Cod


Alaskan Wild Caught Cod *
2-3 oz. English Pub Battered

#455196 | 2 x 5 lbs.

Alaskan Wild Caught Pollock


Alaskan Wild Caught Pollock*
4 oz. Panko Seasoned Squares

#455245 | 2 x 5 lbs.

*ChefZone Only

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