Katy’s Kitchen Spice Blends

March 18, 2024
Katy's Kitchen Spice Blends
Katy's Kitchen

A Y. HataExclusive Brand

Spice Blends

Cajun Seasoning • Celery Salt • Curry Powder • Dark Chili Powder • Everything Bagel Blend • Fajita Marinade • Garlic Salt • Italian Seasoning • Lemon Pepper • Light Chili Powder • Pickling Mix • Poultry Seasoning • Taco Seasoning

Vibrant, aromatic spices transport diners and create memorable dishes.

Versatile and robust, Katy’s Kitchen® spice blends help add big and bold flavor for just pennies per serving. Our delicious flavors help operators increase margins by offering flavor combinations that are fresh and on-trend while saving on labor and storage space.

Katy’s Kitchen® spices undergo a rigorous quality assurance protocol to ensure optimal aroma, flavor, and appearance. The care we take right from the beginning is why Katy’s Kitchen® spices outperform leading brands.

Spicing up your dishes are on-trend, growing 6% within the last 4 years!

Balanced Blends

Our blender machines maintain particle integrity and evenly distribute the key spices to create a uniform, balanced, and consistent flavor.

Labor Savings

Eliminates prep work as well as the waste, extra storage requirements, and inconsistency that comes from creating your own mixes.

Highest Quality

Spices are processed in state-of-the-art facilities and undergo rigorous inspections to ensure food safety and superior quality.

Global Sourcing

Sourced from more than 20 countries, where growing conditions are optimized for superior flavor.

Katy's Kitchen Spice Blends

Comparing Spice Blends

Inferior Spices
  • Granules will appear inconsistent in size and color and tend to get stuck or need to be aided when poured from the container
  • Off-putting, sour, or mildew aroma
  • Weak or unbalanced flavor
Katys Kitchen Spices
  • Rich hues and whole pieces with consistent size and color
  • Distinct aroma when opened, which indicates that the proper flavor will be present in the final dish
  • Strong, pungent flavor

The perfect blend for every dish.

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