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February 26, 2024
Black Pepper
Katy's Kitchen

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Black Pepper

Cracked Black #8

Coarse Grind Black #12

Café Grind Black #20

Regular Ground Black #30

Whole Black

Ground White

Pepper is a cost effective and healthy way to enhance flavor, adding value and leading to increased repeat business.

Black pepper, known as the “king of spices”, is a key ingredient in any kitchen, anywhere in the world. Pepper introduces a warm, earthy sharpness that enhances the natural flavor of foods without overpowering them. Typically used on a wide array of dishes both savory and sweet, it is used in virtually every cuisine around the world.

Pepper is America’s second largest imported spice with over 100 million pounds being brought in per year.

Labor Savings

Choosing the right pre-ground format saves time and labor in the kitchen.

Visual Appeal

Adds amazing visual appeal and enhanced flavor to any dish.

Cost Effective

Adds value to your dish for less than a penny per serving.

Peppercorn Sauce

Black Pepper • White Pepper

Unripe Green Peppercorns

Black pepper is created using green, unripe peppercorn berries, and then fermenting and sun-drying them until they shrivel and turn hard and black.

Ripe Red Peppercorns

White pepper is created by picking the peppercorn berries when they are ripe, then soaking them and removing the outer layer, leaving the light inner peppercorn.

Choose the right grind size.

The size of granulation of ground pepper is measured as Mesh Size. The larger the mesh number, the smaller the granulation. A 30-mesh product has a much finer granulation compared to a 12-mesh product. The finer the mesh, the more volatile oils are released, and the more flavorful the pepper. The amount of dust present in pepper grinds is referred to as Fines.

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