Katy’s Kitchen Fancy Tomato Ketchup

June 28, 2022
Ketchup and Fries
Katy's Kitchen

A Y. HataExclusive Brand

Fancy Tomato Ketchup

Katy’s Kitchen Fancy Tomato Ketchup

Upside Down Bottle

16/20 oz. bottles

Katy’s Kitchen Fancy Tomato Ketchup

Squeeze Bottle

16/20 oz. bottles

Crafted with the highest quality ingredients, Katy’s Kitchen Ketchup has great taste, rich color, and thick texture. Consistently thick and full-bodied premium quality ketchup from bottle-to-bottle, case-to-case.

 Now available in a squeeze bottle and a convenient upside down bottle.

  •  A rich, bright red color and a deliciously tangy tomato ketchup flavor guaranteed in every bottle of Katy’s Kitchen Ketchup.
  • Trained ketchup specialists select and blend our premium ingredients to meet exacting tomato ketchup standards.
  • Upside down red plastic inverted bottle is ideal for easy dispensing.

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