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October 12, 2023
Katy's Kitchen Corned Beef
Katy's Kitchen

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Canned Foods


With & Without Beans

Corned Beef Hash


Chicken & Beef

Kitchen staples that provide the ultimate in back-of-house simplicity.

Featuring lower sodium compared to leading national brands, our canned foods provide your guests with the consistency and high-quality they expect. Our broths are perfect for infusing more flavor into your favorite recipes. Our chilis are the perfect topping for baked potatoes, hot dogs, nachos, and our corned beef hash is amazing grilled into patties or as a standalone side dish for any breakfast. Featuring superior flavor and performance, Katy’s Kitchen is designed to provide convenience with unbeatable cost savings.

Fully Cooked • Lower Sodium • Consistent Results


Pre-cooked using traditional recipes means you get consistent results every time.

Labor Savings

Heat and serve convenience offers the ultimate back-of-house simplicity.

Unbeatable Value

Shelf-stable product is economical and frees up valuable freezer space.

Katy's Kitchen Broth

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