Intros Battered Cheese

June 10, 2024
Battered Mozzarella Stick
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Battered Cheese

Beer Battered Cheese Sticks

Battered Cheese Sticks

Battered Mac & Cheese Bites

Offer your guests the creamy cheese flavor they desire while saving your staff time in the kitchen.

As the popularity of appetizers continues to grow, it is more important than ever to be able to add profitable items to your menu without adding too much work for your staff.

Our battered cheese sticks and mac & cheese bites are an easy way to offer your guests the cheesy goodness and satisfying creamy gooey cheese pull they crave. From freezer to table in minutes, our frozen appetizers offer you a profitable add-on while allowing your kitchen staff to focus on other culinary creations.

Keys to amazing battered cheese: 1: low moisture cheese; 2: golden and crispy batter.


Frozen appetizers allow you to add high quality apps to your menu without the added labor and storage costs.

Consistent Results

Great for frying, baking, or air-fry, our frozen appetizers result in the same crispy and delicious product every time, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Just add a dipping sauce as an appetizer or combine with additional ingredients for unlimited menu options.


Frozen appetizers have a longer shelf life, helping to minimize waste and manage inventory more efficiently.

Mac And Cheese
Battered Mozzarella Sticks


Battered Cheese Sticks 2.75″

#49108 | 6 x 2 lbs.

Made with 100% real cheese for creamy flavor and texture. Our crispy batter is specially seasoned to complement the cheese.

Beer Battered Mozzarella Sticks


Beer Battered Cheese Sticks 3.5″

#49109 | 6 x 2 lbs.

Pure beer is added to the batter mixture for a unique, rich-tasting profile.

Battered Mac and Cheese Bites


Mac & Cheese Bites

#49110 | 6 x 2 lbs.

Features a savory coating and creamy filling consisting of a blend of American and other cheeses providing a twist on this classic favorite.

Crave-Worthy Creations

Jalapeno Popper Creamy Corn

Place Intros Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos over sweet corn with cotija cheese, chopped bacon, and creamy lime dressing and garnish with fresh cilantro.

No Dog Chili Cheese

Place Intros Battered Mozzarella Sticks in toasted hot dog buns and top with your favorite beef chili and sliced scallions.

Chicken Parmesan Roller

Roll Intros Beer Battered Mozzarella Sticks in thinly sliced chicken and serve with marinara sauce and garnish with chopped parsley.

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