Fair Meadow Shredded Cheese

December 14, 2023
Cheesy Burrito
Fair Meadow

A Y. HataExclusive Brand

Shredded Cheese


Monterey Jack

Cheddar/Jack 50/50 Blend

Fair Meadow®️ brings the same simple, fresh taste of dairy that today’s chefs would expect from the farmers market.

Available in the most popular flavors, blends, and varieties, making your menu items easy to prepare and quick to garnish. Shredded natural cheeses let you promote menu variety without the need for extra labor, cleanup, or waste.

38 pounds of cheese is consumed per person in the U.S. each year. (USDA)


Pre-shredded format eliminates extra time, labor, and work.


Choice of flavors & shreds provides the right shred type your application.


Made with milk produced on U.S. dairy farms appeals to those with interest in local sourced ingredients.

Cheesy Broccoli

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