Brickfire Bakery Croissants

December 16, 2022
Brickfire Bakery Croissants
Brickfire Bakery

A Y. HataExclusive Brand

Brickfire Bakery® Croissants

Pack/Size | Item #

Butter Croissant Un-Sliced – 80 x 1.2 oz. | #291190

Butter Croissant Sliced – 48 x 2 oz. | #291189

Butter Croissant Sliced – 32 x 3 oz. | #291195

Portable & Effortless with European Flair

Brickfire Bakery® brings you handcrafted, wholesome baked goods based on authentic recipes. Flaky, fluffy, frozen croissants offer an elegant upgrade without extra labor. Each croissant contains between 72 and 132 layers of pastry folded by hand. Croissants are a perfect way to expand your menu offerings. Pair with sweet or savory flavors, Brickfire provides you an effortless presentation that will impress your most discerning guests.

Croissants are on 10% of all menus and have seen 3% growth in the last 4 years. Croissants allow operators to easily ‘up scale’ their meal offerings.


  • Quality – Our croissants contain natural, unbleached flour which is high in protein content for a premium quality product. A starch-based buttery spray can be applied after baking for a more appetizing, glossy, premium finish without the allergen issues of an egg-washed finish.
  • Labor Saving – Frozen, thaw-and-serve, croissants save labor and ensure consistency for each application by being pre-baked to perfection.
  • Versatile – Available in a variety of sizes, pre-sliced and unsliced for sweet and savory applications.
  • Cost Saving – The 12-month shelf life for Brickfire croissants saves operators money by not having to throw out products due to downtime.
Brickfire Bakery Croissants
1.2 oz. Butter Croissant Un-Sliced

1.2 oz. Butter Croissant Un-Sliced

Brickfire Bakery Croissants

2 oz. Butter Croissant Sliced

Parmesan Wheel

3 oz. Butter Croissant Sliced

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