Our Company

On the surface, we deliver the food and supplies your favorite restaurants need to make their delicious dishes. Dig deeper though, and you see a group of over 450+ professionals who are dedicated to the continued success and sustainability of Hawaii’s foodservice industry.



Our Customers

We buy FOR Hawaii’s largest food service operators, supplying some of your favorite restaurants with the products they need to be successful.

Our Community

We support Hawaii through our support of foodservice-related charities, scholarships, educational programs, and local communities in need through monthly food donations.

History in Hawaii

Founded in Hilo in 1913 with customers across the state, Y. Hata is one of Hawaii’s largest employers and a critical part of Hawaii’s food infrastructure.

Become A Part ofthe Solution

The Y. Hata Ohana is dedicated to the future success and sustainability of Hawaii’s foodservice industry, economy, and environment.